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Logistikko Gabriel Cunhar klinikalla Etelä-Sudanissa.

Supply Logistician

As a supply logistician you will be responsible for the procurement of materials, local and international purchases, and stock management.

You also manage the transportation of cargo and possible imports in case of international orders. Orders might concern anything from hospital equipment and drugs to construction materials and food. Transportation can be arranged by planes, helicopters, trucks, boats, or donkeys.

It is your responsibility to ensure that materials arrive safely, efficiently and in good condition. You work closely with different departments, monitor the usage of materials, and forecast consumption. You are responsible for ensuring that our work is not interrupted due to lack of materials. You will train and supervise local staff and support their work. Your work also includes administrative duties.

Requirements for a Supply Logistician:

  • You have at least two years’ experience in at least some of the following fields: order processing and purchasing, transportation of purchases, stock management, import and export
  • Excellent skills in spoken and written English, knowledge of French or Arabic is considered an asset
  • Experience in training and supervising others

Please also read through our general requirements.

Duration of Assignment

Assignments typically last for 6 to 9 months. We hope that all our aid workers commit to going on more than one assignment.

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