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Teknikko Boss Bopoma on työskennellyt jo kymmenen vuotta Lääkärit Ilman Rajoja -järjestölle.


As a technician your work includes the repair and maintenance of machinery and equipment, stock management as well as building and maintenance work.

Your work may also include the installation and maintenance of electric appliances as well as ensuring back-up electricity by maintaining generators. In small projects, the work also includes duties related to financial administration and human resources. In big projects, you will have colleagues specialised in different fields. You will train and supervise local staff and support their work. Your work also includes administrative duties.

Requirements for Technicians

  • You have at least two years’ relevant experience
  • You have skills and experience in at least three of the following fields:
    1. Repair and maintenance of cars
    2. Energy and electricity (electrical installations, maintaining generators)
    3. IT (hardware/software)
    4. Stock management
    5. Construction
    6. Water purification and water supply
    7. Communications (HF/VHF radio, satellite phone)
    8. Basic accounting
  • Excellent skills in spoken and written English, knowledge of French or Arabic is considered an asset
  • You have experience in training and supervising others

Please also read through our general requirements.

Duration of Assignment

Assignments typically last for 6 to 9 months. We hope that all our aid workers commit to going on more than one assignment.

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