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Olabayo is an MSF expat, originally from Nigeria but now lives permanently in Denmark. South Sudan is his second mission with MSF. Olabayo is a logistician.

Application Process

How is the application process and what happens before you leave for aid work? Read about the application process here.

1. Familiarise Yourself with Our Website

Read our website to find out if aid work is for you. Do you have the required professional experience and other requirements? Is your life situation suitable for leaving for aid work?

2. Fill in the Application Form

The next step is to write an application. Fill in the form carefully in English.

3. Interview and Assessment Tests

Our recruitment team in Stockholm processes the applications. We invite some of the applicants to the interview and aptitude tests. The interviews and aptitude tests will be held in Helsinki or Stockholm.

4. Preparation Course

Once you have been accepted for aid work, you will participate in a course to prepare you for your future assignments. Doctors, nurses and midwives will also participate in a course called Health Assistance in Humanitarian Crisis that is organised in Stockholm once a year. The course is free of charge for our aid workers, but the they will have to cover the trip and accommodation during the course themselves. Surgeons, anaesthesiologists and gynaecologists do not need to take the course.

5. First Departure

When you have completed the required courses, we start looking for a suitable project for you. Once we have found a project and you have accepted it, you will be briefed and leave for aid work. Before leaving you’ll have medical check-up.

6. Coming Home

After the mission you will have a debriefing of your experience at our office. We invite our aid workers to various events where you can meet other aid workers and share your experiences. We also hope our aid workers will tell about their experience to different stakeholders.

7. New Departure?

When you are back in Finland and have rested enough, we will start planning for your next possible mission. We hope our aid workers are committed to our work for a long time and are interested in doing several assignments.

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