Come work with us

Are you interested in becoming a fieldworker abroad? We’re looking for professionals from various fields to work in humanitarian projects around the world.

In addition to recruiting doctors and nurses, we look for logisticians, pharmacists, financial and human resources professionals. The most important thing is your commitment to the values and humanitarian principles of the MSF.

Fieldwork in areas of crisis requires open-mindedness, but job descriptions vary according to the role and the project. Also, the length of each commission can range from one to twelve months, depending on one’s professional background. We hope that applicants will be open to the idea of taking on several missions in the future.

MSF Finland recruits field workers in cooperation with MSF Sweden. Aptitude tests are held in either Helsinki or Stockholm and interviews can be organised from distance. Read more in the MSF Sweden website.

Vacancies in the office

All our office roles are filled through open recruitment processes, so we do not accept individual open applications.

If you have questions about our recruitment process, please contact:

How is it to work in the field?

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