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Watsan Manager Rosana and her team install a hand-operated water pump at the Abgokim clinic.

Water and Sanitation Specialist

As a water and sanitation specialist you are responsible for the functioning of our water management and the cleanness of our water.

Water and sanitation needs vary greatly depending on whether you work in a refugee camp or in a hospital. In a refugee camp, your work will include planning and implementing latrines and setting up drilled wells or otherwise taking care of water supply.

During a disease outbreak, you will be responsible for preventing infections by taking care of sterilising coveralls and equipment. You will also be responsible for safe waste management. You will train and supervise local staff and support their work. Your work also includes administrative duties.

Requirements for Water and Sanitation Specialists:

  • You have at least two years’ experience working in diverse water and sanitation duties
  • Excellent skills in spoken and written English, knowledge of French or Arabic is an asset
  • You have experience in training and supervising others

Please also read through our general requirements.

Duration of Assignment

Assignments typically last for 6 to 9 months. We hope that all our aid workers commit to going on more than one assignment.

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