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The need for humanitarian aid is now greater than ever. Join us in saving lives – donate the most valuable gift to Emergency Fund.

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Your gifts save lives

  • 1 000 euro

    we can provide a surgeon working in conflict area for 10 days.

  • 5000 euro

    we can provide 100 lifesaving surgical kits.

  • 10 000 euro

    we can provide 10 handheld ultrasound machines.

Examples of our operations


The situation in Gaza is catastrophic. The health system has collapsed. Most of Gaza’s hospitals are out of service, as the electrical power and water have been cut off due to a lack of fuel and due to the damage from air strikes. Those that are running are continuously under attack, as are ambulances.

Doctors and nurses have been dedicated all their energy to wounded and sick in  hospitals. They have witnessed patients and colleagues being injured and killed. The need of humanitarian aid is huge.

South Sudan

South Sudan is one of our biggest countries of operations, covering 13 projects nationwide, and our activities assist hundreds of thousands of people. As the needs of refugees and host communities spiked, our activities evolved over the years to respond to conflict-led displacement, famine, and disease outbreaks, providing medical treatment and carrying out vaccination campaigns, clean water, and sanitation activities. 

Syria camps

Some two million people – children with their families – live in camps in northwest Syria after being displaced from their homes by the country’s 12-year-long conflict, and because of ferocious earthquake with aftershocks that hit early this year. The camps are overcrowded, and their infrastructure is basic or even non-existent. Now winter is approaching and temperatures in this region drop as low as 5 degrees centigrade, often accompanied by strong winds and heavy rains, causing flooding, and destroying the fragile tents in which people live.

MSF teams run several mobile clinics to provide basic healthcare and winter-related support to families in camps. This has significant impact on reducing diseases and improving living conditions for children and their families in need. 


We have two projects in the west African country of Benin. One in the southwest of the country, aimed at strengthening healthcare for mothers andchildren; and a second in the north, to assist people affected by malaria and by recent violence, who are struggling to access medical care. 

Do you have any questions about your donation?

Get in touch with our donor service coordinator Tomi Strömberg. Call +35844 38 63 401 or get in touch via e-mail tomi.stromberg(a)

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